Year Long: Ankita Shinde

Ever since I started working on this daily collection, I also started sniffing around blogs and creative news to hunt for people who undertook a similar project. Finding folks in the same boat just makes the journey a lot more enjoyable.

So, this is how I found Ankita. She started doodling on newspapers, and just how! Her doodles are quirky and lovable, and it is on a medium that is easily available. It is projects like this that really tell you the depth of creative thought of the artist.



facialI asked her a few questions and she obliged. So, she gets the coveted title of being my first interviewee.

 Hello Ankita! As we start our interview, can you please introduce yourself? Your area of work and your workplace.

Hi! I’m Ankita Shinde, an artist/designer, animal lover and eater. Yes, I love animals and also enjoy eating them.

Area of work: I find it very difficult to stick to a few categories when it comes to work. I have done some work under branding, web-design, illustrations as of now (You can see some of it here: But want to explore a lot more, in design and even otherwise. Could be a dog trainer, carpenter, crafts person or a barber too.

I don’t have an elaborate workspace yet. It is just a 6′ x 6′ corner with a minimal wooden desk, lots of art supplies and my dog, Sketch under my chair. Often I sit in the balconies and work on ideation or sketches.

 Before you started doodling on newspapers, what other projects did you consider doing?

I am working on a couple other projects:

1: This is where I read about a new insect and draw it out on paper or digitally. How this project started? I had a small but wonderful collection of dead insects, which I lost while shifting houses. So I thought of starting the collection all over again but in the form of drawings.

2: Haiku and senryu: This is an unpublished project. Here I read a lot of haiku and senryu and about its history and try to learn how to write one. I am not very good when it comes to my writing skills. Thought this would be a great way to challenge myself to write and express within three lines.

 Why did you choose to do this project?

I like doodling. Don’t like to read the newspapers.  I realised that how much ever I try to cope up with current news, I would fail. I would make a point to hold the newspaper in my hand everyday, do it for a couple of days and then forget. I had even subscribed to various news apps in my phone, but didn’t help. I thought it was high time I must do something about this and this idea struck.

This blog is an attempt to make me hold the newspaper in my hand everyday to doodle somewhere on it. And read a news or two while I’m at it. Here, I post my everyday doodles on the newspapers.

This is an art experiment. How art can help developing a certain habit. It started as a fun thing and now when I see, I have a lot of fun quirky portraits of people with me, doodled on the newspapers. And I now know a little more of what’s happening in the world around me.


 How has this project affected you?

I am surprised how I am so excited every morning to go and grab the newspaper before anyone, to search people’s faces and decide who is going to get doodled today! Although my excitement is purely for doodling, but in the process I happen to read a news or two. And I am so glad that I finally managed to trick myself into reading news daily 🙂

 How has this project contributed to your creative endeavors? Do you think this project will branched out in your professional work too?

It started out as a free form art outlet. I just doodled my heart out with no desired outcome. The initial doodles were a little all over the place. But as I continued doodling, a distinctive style was formed. This style shaped the way I drew people. I would like to think the style is still evolving.

I plan to organise and process some of the artworks from this project as a set of posters/postcards/booklet/coasters et cetera. There is a lot more I can do with this project.


 It is still early to ask this, but could you cite some learnings from pursuing an year-long project?

The purpose of my project was met within the first month. Yes, sure I am not able to work on it daily since reading the newspaper does not come naturally to me and since there is a whole lot of other work I get drowned in. But even then, it has been a wonderful journey.

But on another note, I think it is very important for everyone to engage themselves in a personal project, in something that they are really passionate about or something that they wish to learn more about. It could be an year long project or a monthly project. It creates a cherished corner in your mind in your day filled with a lot of other daily tasks. It challenges you, helps you grow. Not only artists, but writers, chefs, teachers, coders, barbers, just about anyone can engage in an exciting personal project.

 Can you name one other yearly project that inspires you?

Not any in particular. The spirit of engaging in one is what inspires me.

So, all of you lovely people, if you want to see more of newspaper doodles: head here:


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